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Welcome! The BNEL is a professional academic who believes in in-depth research and hands-on teaching. Drawing from thorough academic training and extensive research experience, we develop emerging biomedical devices and systems using novel materials and nanotechnologies.

환영합니다! 바이오나노 융합전자 연구실 ('바이오나노 연구실') 에서는 신소재와 나노기술을 이용하여 최신 바이오메디컬 기기와 바이오센서를 연구개발하고 있습니다. 깊이 있는 연구와 교육을 통하여 건강한 삶, 그리고 보다 나은 사회에 기여하는 비전을 실천합니다.


2021. 04 We are starting two system semiconductor programs funded by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Ministry of Science and ICT (차세대 반도체 인력양성 사업 선정, 관련기사:

2021.02 Prof. Park received the Excellent teaching award for the year of 2020.

2020.12 Juhwan's review paper about flexible biosensors has been published. Congrats Juhwan!

2020.12 A collaborative paper with Kookmin University (IGZO TFTs) has been published in IEEE Electron Device Letters.

2020.10 A paper about miniaturized electromyography (EMG) has been published. Congrats Bongjun and co-authors!

2020.09 We are selected for the BrainKorea 21 (BK21) Four program funded by Ministry of Education.

2020.03 We are starting a Research and Education (R&E) program with Seoul Science High School. Welcome 희제, 민범, 혁주!!

2019.12 Bongjun got accepted as a graduate student at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). Also, his branched EMG study paper got accepted in KCS (Korean Conference on Semiconductors). Congrats and wish the best!

2019.08 We are starting an interdisciplinary R&D project with the Physics department funded by the University of Seoul.

2019.07 A paper about transparent graphene ECG (Cardiac signal monitoring) device has been published in Carbon (Collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Mayo clinic).

2019.05 We are selected as a Korean I-Corps team (실험실창업탐색팀) funded by Ministry of Science and ICT. Juhwan will lead the team. Congrats Juhwan!

2019.04 Juhwan's conference paper is accepted for 10th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT) held on Singapore. Congrats Juhwan!

2019.02 Prof. Park received the excellent teaching award for the year of 2018.

2019.01 An invited microECoG review paper has been published on Micromachines.

Electrical neural stimulation with transparent graphene electrode has been successfully demonstrated

ACS Nano

Published on January, 2018

We reveal fabrication process for revolutionary transparent sensors

Nature Protocols

Published on November, 2016

See-through sensors open new window

into the brain

Nature Communications

Published on October, 2014